The JSL Endowment gives us the ability to grow beyond our fundraising as we expand support for our Mission! We are committed to our Legacy of GivingAs you make plans for the future, consider the difference you could make by giving to the JSL Endowment in a multitude of ways. You have a great deal of flexibility in designing your gift!

Beneficiary Designations
Name the JSL Endowment as the beneficiary of an IRA, insurance policy or other assets. This is an easy way to support the mission of JSL.

Life Estate
Donate your home or other real estate today, but retain full ownership during your lifetime. This creates a current tax deductible gift and can simplify estate plans.

Charitable Gift with Lifetime Income
You receive a current income tax deduction and monthly or annual fixed payment for life, or two lives jointly.  The JSL Endowment would receive the rest.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Particularly useful for large gifts of appreciated assets (land or stock).  Provides income for a lifetime or term of years.  The remainder goes to the JSL Endowment.

Remember Us in Your Will or Trust
Leave a lasting legacy with a bequest through your estate plan.  You can give a specific amount, an asset or a percentage.

Appreciated Stock
This is and easy and cost-effective way to give.  For maximum tax savings the stock must be transferred directly to the JSL Endowment.

Lifetime Gifts
Marketable Securities
Life Insurance
Charitable Gift Annuities
Real Property
Personal Property
Charitable Remainder
Annuity Trusts

Gifts Through Your Estate
Marketable Securities
Real Property
Personal Property
Savings Bonds
Retirement Accounts (IRA, 401K, 403B)
Unpaid Salary
Company Pension Plan

Contact your financial planner, accountant, or legal adviser to start giving.  Please
contact the Junior Service League of Rome if you would like a recommendation.

For more information please contact:

Junior Service League or Rome
PO Box 1003
Rome, GA 30162